Thursday, January 26, 2012

Show and Tell: Pillows

I thought I'd share two pillows that I made in the past, and still love.  This first pillow I made for Daniel back when we were first dating.  He drew the design and mailed it to me as a gift.  The hands in the picture are signing "love life."  So it is the "love life, eat ice-cream" pillow.  The idea came to him from a discussion we had about eating ice-cream everyday and not worrying about gaining weight because life is short, etc.  Not necessarily the best philosophy, but entertaining.  He drew the sign language because he learned that I used to be a sign language interpreter.  Anyways, my dad printed the drawing onto fabric and I used that to make this pillow:
 The pillow below is one of my first embroidery projects.  The idea came from the book, Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Wooly Embroidery.  The book showed a deer under the tree, but I decided to make mine into a red dragon instead.  I think it actually looks more like a kitty dragon with those ears.  Oh well!  I used my mom's wool scraps to make boarders.  I like how it turned out.  

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