Thursday, September 27, 2012


Still not in much of a crafting mode these days.  I'm still in the thick of orientation at my new job and that may be the reason...
For the past two Sundays I've enjoyed walking around the farmer's market and stopping by the cupcake shop for a treat before going back home.  This photo makes me think of CPR, vasporessors, antiarrhythmic medications, and heart rhythms.  I was studying for my Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) class.  Now, I'm ready to save some lives.  Remember, "hands-only CPR" saves lives if you don't want to do mouth-to-mouth on a stranger!  
I watched some online tutorials and did an experimental haircut on my aunt.  It was fun!  
The following are from my walk home from the ACLS class.  There are so many fun places in Seattle.  I'll never leave again!
Theo Chocolate was closed.  It's on my list of places I must visit soon.  
I love walking down the neighborhood alleys:
Hope your weeks are going well!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gothic Basin Hike

Finally made it out on another hike yesterday with my dad and sister.  What a PERFECT day for it!  We did the 9-mile roundtrip to Gothic Basin, and it was a serious challenge.  My dad gave it a 7.5 out of 10 on the difficulty scale, but I gave it a definite 8!  The views were well worth the effort it took to get  there.  I'm sure I would do this one again.  

Here is my dad demonstrating his DIY zip-off pants that he made some 30 years ago.  He sewed a zipper into each leg that goes all the way up to his hips.  Simply unzip and tuck the fabric into the back pockets!  Pretty crafty!  
 Here we are at the top enjoying our lunch with amazing views in every direction.  
 Self-timer photos are always fun.  
 Those tracks were made by us as we glissaded on down this snow field.
On the way up the mountain, I was so focused on the rocks at my feet that I didn't noticed the giant log above my head.  I took a big step up and bam!  Pain!  My ears rang and my vision slowly darkened.  I sat down and was able to recover after a few minutes.  My head throbs just thinking of that log.  Here is Amy reenacting the moment:
Happy hiking!

Friday, September 14, 2012

2 Park Tour

I had the day off today so we went to some parks to enjoy this amazing weather.  First, we rambled through Woodland Park looking for the dog park there.  Once we found it we didn't stay long because it was small and dusty and overwhelming.  There were some nice people and funny dogs there though. The most memorable being the big dog trying to go for a swim in the water bowls, and the little gravel-eating pug.  
 Then we stopped by Kerry Park to enjoy that gorgeous Seattle skyline.  I'm still loving that orange top on the Space Needle.  
On the way home we picked up some tasty sandwiches from Paseo's near Golden Gardens.  Not very busy for a Friday.