Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY: Infinity Scarf

Last month, Daniel's cousin told me about some infinity scarves that she made as gifts for people.  Since then, I have been seeing them everywhere.  I decided I needed to make one myself!  I learned how to make this scarf from Sweet Verbena's tutorial found here.  If my tutorial isn't clear, check out the one on her blog.  It's excellent! 

What you will need:
*lace (56 x 16 inches)
*satin-like material (56 x 16 inches)
There are so many possible variations for this scarf.  You will see below one I made from lace and jersey material.  I also am making one with jersey and flannel.  Any fabrics that drape nicely will work.  

 Step 1: With right sides together, sew along each 56-inch side.
Step 2:  Turn right side out, as seen below.
 Step 3:  Fold the scarf in half to line up the 16-inch sides of the lace.  Pin the lace right sides together and sew across.
 Step 4:  Now turn the scarf inside out so that the raw edges are showing along the long sides.  Pin the satin on the 16-inch sides right sides together.  
 Step 5:  Sew across leaving a 4-inch opening in the middle.  Pull the scarf through the hole so that the right sides are out.  Then hand-stitch the hole closed.  Done!
 I don't enjoy doing self portraits yet.  The toilet is in the background, for goodness sakes!  I wanted to show wearing it down...
and wearing it looped twice around the neck.  I prefer it this way myself.  
 Here is the scarf I made with jersey and lace.
 I sandwiched the lace between two layers of jersey so I could experiment with using only a piece of lace.  The jersey is very comfortable to wear.  
 Would love to see what variations you come up with!  


  1. Wow! This makes silk and lace look so cool and trendy. I like the idea of looking through my fabric stash for drapey odds and ends that I can piece together for this project.

  2. As I was making it, I started doubting my silky fabric choice, but it has grown on me. I can't wait to show you the one I made tonight with little bobbles lining the edges. It's so cute!