Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY: Synthetic Silk Flower

I made these flowers for my wedding hair.  The idea came from this blog.  They are very fun to make and you don't need many supplies.  All you really need is some synthetic silk fabric and pretty little beads.  Also a needle, thread, scissors, and a candle.
Below are the items I used to trace varying sizes of circles for the layers of the flower.
 Step 1: Trace 6 or 7 circles of various sizes.
 Step 2: Cut out the circles
 Step 3: Cut about 6 slits in each circle as shown below.
Step 4: Hold the fabric over a flame very briefly.  The fabric melts easily.  I noticed that sometimes the petal would melt in the downward direction as you can see below.
 Other times it curled upwards.  I moved it back and forth over the flame, then used my other hand to curl the petal in the direction I wanted it to go.  It took some practice.
It's nice because it doesn't have to look perfect.  Once all of the layers are put together, the imperfectness looks perfect!
 Step 5: Sew or glue the layers together.  At the same time, you can sew or glue some beads in the middle of the flower.
 Finished!  I like the smokey singed edges that show up on the white fabric.  
 You can sew a bobby pin on the back, or glue a pin and wear it on a shirt or coat.  OR, you can use it for a kindle cover closure decoration like I did here.

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