Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Painted Leather Bag

Looking for a fun, easy, and therapeutic craft?  You've found it here!  I really enjoyed painting these triangles.  They are not perfect, and I like it that way.  First, I vigorously wiped the area where I was going to paint with a damp cloth to remove any old dirt.  I've read that some leather has a finish on it that can be removed with acetone, or alcohol.  I didn't seem to have a problem with the paint adhering to this leather.  To make sure my lines were somewhat even, I used blue painter's tape, which worked well and came off easily.  Then, simply paint away!  
I used water-based acrylic paint:
 I haven't painted the other side yet, but I'm thinking about doing a big letter L for Lori.  Or maybe I'll put a bird on it :)


  1. What type of paint was used?

    1. Oh my! I forgot to include that information. Thanks for reminding me:) I used water-based acrylic paint. I'll add a picture to this post.

  2. Really LOVED this repurposed briefcase. I reposted it on my blog, at Gave you a tag on it.
    Thanks for the DIY project. It's super useful and easy....

  3. That's great! I'll check out your blog. Thanks!