Monday, April 16, 2012

Discovering Discovery Park

 Today, on my way to the grocery store I had a strong urge to turn off towards Discovery Park.  It was my first time going there and it is a beautiful place.  There are forrest trails, open beach areas, a lighthouse, and fields of daisies.  I will have to go again and spend some time on the trails.  Today the water was quite active with all of the blustery wind we are having.   
I was wondering about the history of some of these buildings.  They look like they have been around for a while.  
 The Indian Cultural Center is a beautiful building.  I didn't go inside, but saw this totem pole on the ground outside.  It is a memorial totem pole for John T. Williams as you can see in the writing on the pole below.  I wonder where it will be planted when it is done.  
 I was hoping to see a heron in this pond.
 This is the Fort Lawton Cemetery, a quiet and peaceful place.

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