Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bead N' Braid Bracelet

These bracelets are very easy to make.  You simply add a bead to the string while making a braid.  I learned how to do it from the blog post found here.  
All you need is waxed linen cord, which I found at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry supplies aisle, beads, and a button.  
Step 1: Measure the cord by wrapping it around your wrist and making it about 3 inches bigger than the circumference.  Then fold that length back over on itself 3 times so that one end will have 2 loops.  This is the end that you tie the knot seen below.  (Make sure the loops are open enough to fit your button through them.) 
 Step 2: Trim off one of the cords since you will only need 3 to make the braid.  
 Step 3: Braid the cord part way down as seen below.  I probably had about an inch of braided cord.
 I used small glass beads that came in one small package:
 Step 4: String a bead onto the cord you are about to cross over next in the braiding sequence: 
 Step 5: Then bring the cord across:
 Step 6: String a bead onto the next cord you are about to cross over:
 Step 7: Then bring the cord across:
 Continue these steps until you have the desired amount of beads on your bracelet.  
 Step 8: End by doing another length of beadless braiding.  Then, thread the cords through the button holes and tie it in a knot to secure.  The wax thread stays in place pretty well.  Trim off the excess cord and you're done.


  1. Olá Lori!

    Achei linda e sua explicação perfeita!
    Estou conhecendo seu blog e adorando suas dicas e receitas!
    Obrigada por partilhar.


  2. I loved it and it is easy to make, we can also add beads of multi color.