Monday, February 13, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Box

This yarn-wrapping craze in the craftosphere is so cute, but I suffered through this craft.  Stickiness everywhere, polyester yarn that wouldn't stick, the wrong type of glue.  Oh boy.  Tips for more success than I had: use cotton yarn, don't use wood glue, and use a brush to evenly coat your item with glue before applying fabric.  I got the idea for this craft from a blog called Craft and Creativity.  There are some fun crafts posted there.  
What I used: (You see Tacky glue there, but it was almost gone, so I ended up using wood glue which didn't dry completely clear...bummer.  I also didn't end up using the white yarn.)
 Glue down some fabric:
 Apply glue and wrap yarn around box.  I started by doing one string of glue at a time, but ended up just coating the rest of the box with glue so I could wrap more quickly.  
 It's done, and all gluey!  
 I'm thinking about shellacing the whole thing to make it shine.  I'm going to use it in my closet to store my tights and slips.  It's perfect for that.  
Below is another box craft I made a while ago while I was living in Chicago.  I had a shoe box sitting around, a Reader (local paper), and a transit map.  So I did some cutting and folding and weaving and glueing and made this to store some craft supplies.  I love it!  I especially love the shine of shellac, which doesn't show up too well in these photos.  

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