Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finished Diamond Quilt

Here is the quilt top that I made from thrifted shirts back in December.  I finally finished putting it all together.
I was going to use blue flannel as the backing with batting in the middle, but I laid out the flannel and couldn't stand the way it looked.  It was all pilled after I put it through the wash.  
 Instead, I used this gloriously soft fleece as the backing with no batting in the middle at all.  
 I simply pinned the fleece and quilt top with right sides together and sewed around the perimeter leaving a small opening to turn the quilt right sides out.
 Then I hand-sewed the opening closed and sewed a 1/2 inch top seam around the edge to finish it off.  After that I used wool yarn to tie the two layers together.  It's a nice, light quilt.  Perfect for a little extra warmth on cool spring evenings.


  1. That looks so fun and so cozy! I love it!

  2. What a nice easy quilt that looks so cozy and fun to make! Nice to remember a quilt doesn't have to be a gigantic undertaking!

  3. Thanks Megan and Christina! It was all Daniel's design and I love it too. Simple quilts are my favorite for sure.