Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY: Spray Painting Lace

I've seen spray-painted lace on objects all over the craft blogs lately, and I love it.  My mom bought this wooden tray and jars to organize and easily transport her button collection.  Today we experimented with lace, and it was totally cool!  
Wooden tray all primed and dry:
 Mom painting the tray a lovely teal color:
 Taping on the lace, and covering the areas that she didn't want spray-painted:
 Spraying it up!
 Removing the lace:
I then used hot glue to adhere some buttons on the handle sides:
I like how it turned out.  It just needed a little bit of touching up with paint where the tape covered up too much of the wood.  
Now I want to do this paint effect on other items.  I thinking of a kindle cover maybe?  Any other ideas?


  1. Thinking about how to attach the lace without tape. Maybe some kind of adhesive on the back of the lace that would be sticky but not permanent? Rubber cement?

    1. Mom was thinking the same thing. She thinks there is a removable spray adhesive out there. That would probably be perfect.