Monday, October 15, 2012

Oktoberfest Half Marathon!

Last weekend a group of family and friends ran the Oktoberfest half marathon in Leavenworth.  It was great fun to hang out together at the cabin.  
Here is less than half of the group pre-race.  Notice the smoky haze in the background?  I want to cough just thinking about that forest fire smoke in my lungs.
Little precious Sally:
Dad and I walked up to the lookout the morning after the race.  It felt good to loosen up my stiff running joints.
What a beautiful sight:  
Everyone crossed the finish line!  My time was somewhere around 2:30.  I haven't yet looked up my official time because I'm just happy to finish.  Speed is not usually a goal for me.  I just like being out there and running with a crowd.  
The fall colors over Steven's Pass were incredible! 
A quick stop for doughnuts at the Sultan Bakery on the way home is always nice:
I'll share more pictures from the cabin soon.  We went two weekends in a row!  

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  1. Lori! I have your short blue jacket thing. I must have grabbed it by mistake at the cabin. Sorry! I was wondering to whom it belonged :)