Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back to Leavenworth

Last weekend I went back up to Leavenworth with Daniel and my parents.  Of course, we brought along the dogs as well.  The fall colors were so beautiful!  
 Most of our time was spent inside the cabin cozying up on couches and watching movies, taking naps, eating snacks, and watching the rain fall outside.  However, we did manage to go on one trek up the logging road.  My dad extracted a sliver of wood from Daniel's finger that he got climbing around the gate on the way up the road.  
 Enjoying the view from the lower viewpoint spot.  This was the longest hike Daniel has done since his stroke, and he did great!  I see more hikes together in our future...
 He is the sweetest fall-decorated dog ever:
These last few photos were taken by my dad:
I'm not sure when I'll be at the cabin next.  I feel the need to schedule a trip there soon.  That fresh, mountain air is in my brain.


  1. Those leaves are beautiful! That trip looks heavenly! Ahhh...perfect.

  2. Thanks lovely! It was nice...