Monday, March 19, 2012

Finished Scrub Quilt

 Finito!  I like how it turned out.  
 I think McGuirk likes it too.


  1. dear Crown hill
    i have a question about ur page that is how did you made ur page to look like this [i am a first time blogger] such as the heading and the way you did the different pages(home, food , drinks such as that) and how were u able to link them to other thing,
    thanks for listening

    1. Hi there! For the heading, I drew it and then scanned it into photoshop to color it in. Daniel helped me save it to the right size and as a jpeg file that would fit in the heading section. You can see a short post on it here.

      For the different pages I did a similar process. I drew them and scanned them into photoshop, colored them and saved them as small jpeg files. Then I just added the picture gadget to the side of the page. The cool thing about that is that you can add a link to a page from that picture. So, I should also mention that I created those pages before doing the picture gadgets, so that I would have a web address to add as a link. Anyways, I don't know if that is very clearly explained...

      Best of luck to you with your blog!