Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cousins Retreat (part 2)

Here are the last of the pictures I will post from the retreat.  Just looking at them now makes me want to go back!  
 The picture below was taken just as a water balloon that I was holding spontaneously burst all over my lap.  It was quite a shock, but a refreshing one.  
 Our early morning hiking crew:
This is a fun scramble straight up the front mountain seen looking out from the cabin windows.  Then, we hike along the ridge until arriving at the logging road, which takes us back down to the main road to the cabin.  We saw what looked like big bear tracks on the ridge...scary!
 My brother makes the most amazing crepes.  It's nice to have a crepe-maker in the family:
 This small frog was found on the back deck:
Looking forward to going back! 

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