Monday, July 30, 2012

Beauty + Deliciousness

Daniel and Mike's parents are in town and we packed a lot of good things into the agenda yesterday.  Kubota Gardens, located in lovely South Seattle was our first stop of the day.  It was our first time there and I loved it!  Meandering paths, waterfalls and ponds, and best of all it is dog-friendly and free to the public.  
I love leaf skeletons: 
 On the way back north we went to the Panama Hotel in Seattle's International District for iced teas.  At one end of the building is an old Japanese bath house that is still intact, but no longer in use.  Unfortunately, we weren't there on one of the days that the owner does a tour.  It would have been interesting to see.  
 We were only blocks from Mon Hei, so I had to run down to get some yummy buns.  
 Red bean buns, pineapple custard buns, and cream buns.  Oh man!  We thoroughly enjoyed snacking on these while watching the Olympics.  That was after we ate some amazing paninis.  What beautiful and delicious day!  

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