Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cabin Craft Circle: Resin Jewelry

A highlight from this past weekend was sitting around this table making resin jewelry.  My cousin Stephanie brought the supplies and taught us how to make these.  You can see more of resin jewelry that she made here.  Her tutorial is great!  Check it out.  It is more detailed than what I have in this post.
Below are some of the fun bits of things to add to the jewelry:  
This is Stephanie mixing up the resin.  It's toxic stuff so don't forget to wear gloves! 
Here is a piece of cotton fabric that I cut to fit the inside of my metal pendant.  The mod podge is painted onto both sides and allowed to dry completely.  
I poured a small amount of resin in the bottom of the pendant and used a popsicle stick to make the layer smooth and bring it to the inside edges.  
Next, I placed the fabric in the pendant and added the flower bead on top.  Then I poured in more resin and used a pin to position the fabric and flower, and pop the tiny bubbles in the resin.  
The pendant held more resin that I thought possible.  I like the way it looks when you add just the right amount of resin to create this bubbled up look without adding so much that it spills over the sides.  

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